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Membership in the 
Inter Faculty Organization/ Campus Faculty Association • Dues Checkoff Authorization

I would like to become a member of the Inter Faculty Organization (IFO) and the local Faculty Association on my campus. 

As a condition of membership, I hereby request and voluntarily authorize my employer, the State of Minnesota, to deduct from my earnings as a Minnesota State employee an amount equal to periodic dues applicable to IFO members.  This authorization shall remain in effect and be irrevocable unless I revoke it by sending written notice by U.S. Mail to the IFO, postmarked between April 1 and June 15.  This authorization will renew and remain irrevocable from year to year, unless I revoke it in writing during this period, irrespective of my membership in the IFO. 

I understand that if I make a lump sum payment of the full year's membership dues to the IFO by no later than September 1, there will be no deduction of membership dues from my pay for that year.  (2016-2017 member dues and fair share fees schedule)