IFO Healthcare And Insurance Benefits

As part of the implementation of the 2015-2017 IFO contract, there will be changes in the health and dental insurance benefits, beginning in January 2016. 

IFO Health Insurance Benefits (currently Article 14, will be renumbered as Article 35) changes effective January 1, 2016, include (See Advantage Benefit Chart for 2016 & 2017):

> Health Insurance benefits changes for Prescription Drugs

-$2 increase in copayments for Tier 1 drugs, $7 increase in copayments for Tier 2 drugs, and a $12 increase in copayments for Tier 3 drugs

-No changes in the maximum out of pocket limits for prescription drugs

> Nondrug Health Insurance cost increases:

-Increases in first dollar deductibles at all 4 Benefit Levels (Level 1 to  increase from $75 single/$150 family to $150 singe/$300 family; Level 2 to increase from $180 single/$360 family to $250 single/$500 family; Level 3 to increase from $400 single/$800 family to $550 single/$1100 family; Level 4 to increase from $1000 single/$2000 family to $1250 single/$2500 family)

-In office visit copayments for health services to increase $7 for Benefit Levels 1 and 2; and to increase $24 for Level 3 and $25 for Level 4 o $100 increase for nondrug maximum out of pocket limits for all benefit levels for single coverage and $200 increase for out of pocket limits for dependent coverage

-Health insurance premiums will increase by 7.4% for 2016 (See Chart of Premium Rates for 2016)

> Palliative Care benefit added (See Palliative Care Benefit Chart for description of covered care and cost)

> Dental Insurance Benefits changes

-Improvement for in-network services such as fillings, periodontics, oral surgery, crowns and prosthetics that are currently covered at 60% will be covered at 80% after the deductible is met

-Insurance premiums for single dental coverage will remain the same for 2016

-Insurance premiums for family dental coverage will slightly decrease for 2016, and the premiums for either Health Partners or Delta Dental will be the same beginning in 2016

If you have questions on the health insurance benefits changes or other general questions about the 2015-2017 contract, please contact:

Pat Arseneault
651.227.8442 ext.15 

For more information on the State Employee Groups Insurance Plan (SEGIP), which includes health, life, dental and disability insurance benefits, click here.