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In this issue:

September 2014
september 2014.pdf

In this issue:

August 2014 august 2014.pdf

President's Report, Contract Vote, New Amendment Up for Vote, IFO Sponsors Retirement Workshops, IFO Membership Dues and Fairshare Fees

May 2014

may 2014.pdf

President's Report, 2014 Session Wrap-Up, A Deteriorating Relationship

April 2014

april 2014.pdf

President's Report, Academic Affairs, IFO Constitutional Amendments, Put the "public" back in public higher education, Delegate Assembly Dues Increase, IFO Honors Union Members at Delegate Assembly

March 2014

march 2014.pdf

Legislative Update, 2014 Delegate Assembly, IFO Election 2014

February 2014

february 2014.pdf

President's Report, Legislative Update, Academic Affairs Coordinator, 2014 Delegate Assembly, MnSCU's New Plan: Charting Whose Future?, Stronger Communities, not Centralized Bureaucracy, Campaign for the Future of Higher Education

February 2014 (special election edition)
february 2014 election edition.pdf

Notice of Nominations, 2014 IFO Election, 2014 Delegate Assembly


President's Report, Legislative Update, 2014 Delegate Assembly, Notice of Nominations for IFO President, Introducing Kathryn Engdahl, IFO Chalgren Award, DA Award Nominations and FIC Grant, FY14 Spring Member Dues & Fairshare Fees, IFO Member ID Cards

December 2013

december 2013.pdf

President's Report, Academic Affairs, MnSCU Chief Diversity Officer Interviews, Nominations for Outstanding Contributions to Women's Advancement, FIC Seeks to Recognize Outstanding Contributions to IFO, Nominations for James Eric Chalgren Award, Nominations for IFO President, Committee on Education, New Benefit Cards, Holiday Office Hours

November 2013

november 2013.pdf

President's Report, MnSCU Academic and Student Support Technology, FIC Delegate Assembly Award Nominations, Nominations for FIC Grant, Nominations for IFO President, StarID, Medical Expenses Reimbursement Accounts

October 2013

october 2013.pdf

President's Report, MN Political Refund Program, MnSCU Academic & Student Affairs Councils, Faculty Voices, Campus Climate Survey, LGBTIQAA Conference, James Eric Chalgren Award, Feminist Issues Grant, Five Ways to Save Money, Open Enrollment 2014, LOU for Continuation of Health Care Coverage 

September 2013
september 2013.pdf

President's Report, Introducing Tom Hergert, Fall of the Faculty, Faculty Voices, Salary Review, FY14 IFO Member Dues and Fairshare Fees

August 2013


President's Report, IFO Achieves Many Goals, Retirement Workshops, Contract Changes Focus on Family, Negotiations Begin for 2013-15 Contract, Arbitration Decision - Use of Adjuncts, FY14 IFO Member Dues and Fairshare Fees

May 2013


Many IFO Goals Achieved in 2013 Legislative Session, FY14 Member Dues & Fairshare Fees

April 2013


House & Senate Pass Very Different Higher Education Bills, Legislation Speeds Up as End of Session Grows Closer, IFO Membership Drive, Lilly Ledbetter's Fight for Equal Pay and Fairness   

March 2013


March Heralds Legislative Activities & MOOCs, Negotiations Update, Legislature Advances IFO Contract/Marriage Bill/Dream Act, Dayton Revises His Budget, Health Care Coverage & Changes In Health Plan Benefits, Join The Team, Are You A Member, Nellie Stone Johnson Scholarship 

February 2013


 Promising February, Clark Johnson Elected to Legislature, Lobby Days, Adjunct & Community Faculty Benefits, Pre-Tax Account Deadlines, Lilly Ledbetter Lecture, Alexander Seeks TRA Position, Expanded Technology Options   

January 2013


Tentative Contract Settlement, New Legislature Convenes, Higher Ed Administrative Costs Draw Scrutiny, Clark Johnson Runs For Legislature, Dependent Verification Update 

December 2012


IFO Legislative Goals, Negotiations, HRA's & Medical Expense Accounts, Holiday Hours

November 2012


Elections Have Huge Implications for IFO, Negotiations Report, SEGIP HRA Monthly Fee, Court Ruling on Faculty Syllabi, IFO Survey, Academic Affairs Policy Review, Nellie Stone Johnson Dates

October 2012


November 6th Election Crucial for IFO Members, Negotiations Report (MnSCU Opener), Open Enrollment, IFO Urges "No" Vote on Voter ID, Dependent Audit Update, Campus Climate Survey, Academic Affairs Update

September 2012


Negotiations Report (IFO & MnSCU Exchange Openers), Republican Legislators Reject AFSCME & MAPE Contracts/Battle Lines Drawn, Textbook Affordability Workgroup Meeting

August 2012


Negotiations Update, Your Voice in Academic Affairs, IFO Sponsors Retirement Workshops, IFO Urges
"NO" Vote On Marriage Amendment, Take Advantage Of Your Tuition Waiver Benefits, Membership Udate 

May 2012


 IFO President's Column: Looking Back, DEVA Dependent Audit Reminder, FY13 Dues & Fees Schedule (no increase since 2008), Legislature Passes a Small Higher Education Bill, Conservatives Make Last Minute Push on Anti-Employee Bills, Salary Review Update, MnSCU, others fall for a fad: The job-skills mismatch meme, New IFO Website coming soon

April 2012



IFO President's Column: Looking Forward, Nancy Johnson Black Elected IFO President, Governor Dayton and Chancellor Rosenstone speak at IFO Delegate Assembly, Campus Climate Study, IFO GLBTA Issues Committee presents James E. Chalgren Award, FIC Honors Union Members at IFO Delegate Assembly, Legislature nears adjournment - most major issues unresolved, SEGIP Dependent Verification Audit Deadline Approaching, Notice of Vacancy - IFO Academic Affairs Coordinator, IFO's First Electronic Election

March 2012



IFO President's Column: Early Spring - No Break, IFO Electronic Voting in Progress, Union Solidarity Today or Wage Slavery Tomorrow, Faculty Leaders Meet Legislative Leaders at Lobby

Days, Living on the Razor's Edge: Right to Work Battle, Negotiations Update

February 2012


IFO President's Column: Communications 101, Nominations for IFO President, They are at it again - More public employee bashing, MnSCU Capital Improvement request moving forward, IFO adopts electronic voting for 2012 statewide election, Negotiations Update, Academic Affairs Update, Make a real difference! Become an IFO Delegate, IFO has joined campaign for the Future of Higher Education, Guest Editorial: Generational Betrayal

January 2012


IFO President's Column: Trend is not Destiny?, Deadline Approaching for IFO President Nominations, IFO Board Votes to Offer Electronic Voting Option in IFO Elections, January Negotiations Update, IFO Board Adopts Goals for 2012 Session, Delegate Assembly Award Nominations Deadline, Final Call for Feminist Issues Grant Applications, Make a Real Difference and Become an IFO Delegate

December 2011


IFO President's Column: Deeper Conversations, Notice of Nominations for IFO President, Revenue forecast will change dynamics of 2012 Session, Academic Affairs Update, Reminder: Benny Card Stops December 19, December 31 HRA Balance Determines 2012 Contribution, FIC Accepting Nominations for 2012 Delegate Assembly Awards, Deadline Fast Approaching for Feminist Issues Grant Applications, James Eric Chalgren Award Nominations Due January 20, IFO Delegate Assembly March 23-24, 2012, IFO Office Holiday Hours

November 2011


IFO President's Column: Taking Shape, 2012 Session: A New Political Landscape, Notice of Nominations for IFO President, Interest Rate Assumption Could Cost Faculty Big Money, IRS Increases Tax Breaks for Faculty, Negotiations Report, Another IFO Negotiated Benefit: Annual Tax-Free Contriubtion to Health Reimbursement Account, IFO GLBTA Issues Committee Accepting Nominations for James Eric Chalgren Award, IFO Feminist Issues Committee Accepting Applications for Feminist Issues Grant, Make a Difference - Become an IFO Delegate, “Patriotic Employer” Awarded to IFO President, Don Larsson, and SCSU FA President, Mark Jaede, IFO St. Paul Holiday Office Hours

September 2011


IFO President's Column: Faculty Professional Development Funds Under Development/Underdevelopment, Important Retirement Notification Date: October 17!!, IFO Negotiations Update, IFO Action Update, Academic Affairs Update

August 2011


IFO President's Column: Your Voices, Our Universities, Our Futures, The 2011 Legislative Session - The Worst Ever!, Negotiating Team Signs First Tentative Agreement, Salary Review Update

May 2011


IFO President's Column: Spring is Here?, 17 Days to Go and No Solution in Sight, Why is the IFO Opposed to the Constitutional Amendment Against Same-Sex Marriage?, IFO Negotiations Update, No Increase for Union Deductions 2011-2012

March 2011


IFO President's Column: The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good, Let the Budget Battle Begin!, IFO Hosts "Lobby Days" Meetings with Legislators, IFO MnSCU Begins Interest-Based Collective Bargaining, The Battle in Wisconsin and its Importance to Professionals, Unite Now! Become a Member of the IFO Today and Save

February 2011


Notes from the President - Will Facts Matter?, Faculty and Students Testify at Legislature, Dayton Vetoes Republican Budget Cuts, Dayton Proposes Budget Cuts/Tax Increases/Shifts, Unions/Public Employees Under Attack, Legislation on Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs, Pre-Tax MDEA, DCEA, Transit and HRA Account Deadline 2/28/11

January 2011


Notes from the President - It's Time!, New Republican Majorities Propose Pay Freeze, Workforce Cuts, Limits on Unions; Guest Editorial: Minnesotans Should Remember why King went to Memphis; Deadline Fast Approaching for Feminist Issues Grant Applications; Alternative Pathways to Teacher Licensure Bill Heard; House and Senate Higher Education Committees Appointed; Course Outlines and Course Syllabi; Farewell to our Friend and Colleague Dr. Winston Gittens

December 2010


Notes from the President - New Connections for a New Year, Mark Dayton Elected Governor - Inherits a Huge Budget Shortfall, Good News - Health Insurance Rate Cancelled, IFO Adopts Goals for 2011 Legislative Session, Academic Affairs Coordinator Report, Last Chance to Buy Over-the-Counter Drugs on a Pre-Tax Basis

November 2010


Notes from the President: Where Things Stand; MnSCU Trustees Support $1,260.7 Appropriation for 2012-13 Biennium; Republicans Capture Legislature, Dayton Elected Governor; New Republican Majorities Announce Committee Chairs; Benefits Equity - A Priority for the IFO; FIC Seeking Applications for Feminist Issues Grant; Threshold HRA Account Balance Changes to $700 in December 2010; Reminder: Insurance Open Enrollment Ends Nov 30th

October 2010


Notes from the President, Please Vote November 2nd -- It Matters!!, Insurance Open Enrollment Begins November 1st, FIC Accepting Applications for Feminist Issues Grant, Balance in your HRA Account as of December 31 Determines whether your 2011 Contribution will go into your HRA or a Health Care Savings Plan, Prohitibed/Permitted Political Activities, Candidates sought for TRA Board of Trustees

September 2010


Notes from the President, The Governor's Race and MnSCU's Fate, Retrenchment Begins on Campuses, Salary Review Update, MnSCU Developing 2011-12 Appropriation Request, MnSCU Starting Bid Process, IRAP and Supplemental Retirement Vendor, IFO Names The GRC Award After Monte Bute, IFO Backs October 2 March on Washington

August 2010


Notes from the President, Federal Health Care Reforms Take Effect Soon, MnSCU Policy Changes re: Intellectual Property Rights, IFO Retirement Workshops, Legislature Passes TRA Funding Stability Law, HRA Contribution Changes, Guest Editorial-Gov. Pawlenty: Socrates and I Beg to Differ

May 2010


Legislative Update, IFO Audit & Budget

April 2010


DA Recap, Legislative Update

March 2010


Bonding Bill, Budget Cuts, TRA Reform, Supreme Court Unallotment Appeal, IFO MIC Anti-Racism Workshop, IFO GLBTA Award, Editorial

February 2010


Seniority Rosters, Retrenchment, Contingent Faculty, System Office Budget, Merit Pay, Year End Paystubs

January 2010


Legislative Update, Work for Hire Grants, HRA, Delegate Assembly

December 2009


IFO President Spring Election, November Forecast, Protecting IP, Legislative Goals, etc.

November 2009


Open Enrollment, Federal Health Care Reform

October 2009


Open Enrollment, Delegate Assembly 2012, Faculty Teaching in Dual Units

September 2009


Welcome Back, Retirement, Early Separation, TRA

August 2009


Summer Update, MnSCU Budget, Legislative Update, Retirement Workshops, IFO Move

May 2009


Legislative Update, Health Care Benefits

April 2009


Legislative Update, Campus Budgets, Moorhead Flood Update, Benny Card, 990 Policy Update

March 2009


Budget Shortfall, Update on Bills, Domestic Partner Benefits, Anti-Racism Workshop, Nellie Stone Johnson Dinner

February 2009


Notes from the President - Tentative Contract Settlement, Legislative Leaders Present Bleak Outlook to Faculty,
Legislators to Hold Town Halls Meetings on the Worsening Budget Shortfall

January 2009


Budget, Benny Card, Legislative Update, Online Update, Graduate Course Multiplier LOU

December 2008


Budget Crisis, Salary Study

November 2008


Elections, Budget, IFO Audit

October 2008


Budget, Health Care, 9 Month Appointments, Wick Farewell

September 2008


Health Insurance Update, Retirement Workshops, Member Dues/ Fair Share Fees Update

August 2008


Welcome President Henry, Summer Developments, Retirement Workshops, State Budget, Code of Conduct, Driver's Restrictions, Legislative Gains, Adjunct and Community Faculty Benefits

May 2008


President Black's Farewell, Legislative Update - A Good Session for Higher Education, Critical D2L Update

April 2008


08-10 IFO President, D2L Update, Legislative Update, Honoring Union Members, IFO Seeks AAC

March 2008


Legislative Update, Election Announcement, Looking for Academic Affairs Coordinator, and Delegate Assembly

February 2008


Contract Ratification and Delegate Assembly

January 2008


Tuition Waiver Arbitration, Negotiations, Legislative Update, Academic Affairs Report, DA Reminder

December 2007


Notes from the President, Negotiations Report, State Budget Shortfall Projected, MnSCU Spending Priorities Disputed, North Metro University, Guest Editorial: Problems with Merit Awards, 2008 Delegate Assembly Announcement, FIC Accepting Nominations for the 2008 Delegate Assembly Awards, We will Miss Our Friend Kerry Williams, IFO Supports Nellie Stone Johnson Scholarship Program, IFO Holiday Hours

November 2007


Notes from the President, Negotiations Report, IFO Board Adopts 2008 Legislative Goals, IFO Sponsors $5000 Feminist Issues Grant, Guest Editorial: The Obligation to Disobey

October 2007


Notes from the President, Health Care Open Enrollment, Negotiations Report, Salary Study by Sibson Consultants, The Southeast Minnesota Floods of August 2007, Guest Editorial: MnSCU's Marble Boat

September 2007


Notes from the President, October 1st Notification Deadline for Retirement Benefits

August 2007


Notes from the President, Negotiations Update, 2007 Legislature Passes Big Funding Increase for MnSCU, Online Teaching and Leaming

May 2007


Notes from the President, Legislature Passes Higher Education Bill—Governor Vetoes

April 2007


Notes from the President; Negotiations Update; State Presents Its Opening Proposal for Health Care Insurance; Legislative Update: Higher Ed Bills Head to Conference Committee, Overall MnSCU Funding Differences, Inflation/Tuition Freeze, Technology Funding, Other Funding Line Items, Fencing the MnSCU Central Office Funding, ACHIEVE II, DREAM Act, Bonding, Domestic Partner Benefits, Retirement Bills; IFO Seeking Two Part-Time Academic Affairs Coordinators--Reassigned time or compensation for those on leave available. Travel expenses reimbursed.

March 2007


Notes from the President, Senate Higher Education Bill Passes Out of Committee, Domestic Partner Benefits Bill is now on the Move, Alternative Teacher Licensure Bill Defeated In Senate, IFO Pension Bills Introduced

February 2007


Notes from the President, Faculty Testify at the Legislature, Pawlenty Presents Higher Education Budget, Recommendations, The Legislature Hits Full Stride, Negotiations Report, 2006 Salary Study Update, Joint IFO MnSCU Salary Review Committee: Expansion of Faculty in Annual Reviews, IFO Lobby Days February 21-22, Memorial for Professor Eric Markusen, IFO Member Rich Gendreau Seeks Re-election to TRA Board

January 2007


Notes from the President, Big Healthcare Cost Increases Projected, TRA Funding - Trouble on the Horizon, The 2007 Session Gets Underway - Everything is New, How You Can Be an Effective Lobbyist for Higher Education, 2006 Faculty salary study

December 2006


Applied Doctoral Programs, Legislative Goals, Negotiations Report, D2L Upgrade, Master Calendar

November 2006


How to Handle your HRA Balance at Year's End, Negotiations Report

October 2006


MnSCU Budget, Open Enrollment, Insurance Assistance, Medical Dental Tax Breaks, 07 Insurance Rates, 06 Salary Study

September 2006


Competitive Compensation, Budgets, Higher Education Legislation

August 2006


TIAA-CREF Plan Changes, Retirement Workshops, 06 Legislative Outcomes

May 2006


Legislative Update, Important Retirement Changes

April 2006


IFO President Nancy Black Re-Elected, Negotiations Update, Delegate Assembly Update

March 2006


Legislative Session Moving Fast, Negotiations Update, Nancy Black Runs for Second Term, Delegate

February 2006


2006 Legislative Session, Health Assessments, Delegate Assembly Awards and Announcements

January 2006


IFO Contract Passed by SER, HRA Claims Deadline, Pension Plans Recordkeeper, Luoma Leadership Academy Dealine

December 2005


IFO Contract Passed by MnSCU, HRA, Retirement, Feminist Grant, Delegate Assembly

November 2005


Vote Yes to Ratify the IFO Contrac, Open Enrollment, TIAA-CREF

October 2005


President's Comments, Medical Expenses, Supplemental Retirement Vendors, Negotiations

September 2005


President's Comments, Health Premiums, Retirement Deadlines, Negotiations

August 2005


Welcome Back, Negotiations, Legislative Summary, Salary Reviews

May 2005


Legislature, Negotiations, FIC Grant, HRA

April 2005


Legislature, Salaries, Negotiations, Project in Course Redesign, Retiree Health Care

March 2005


Tuition Waiver Change, HRA Accounts, Negotiations, Salary Reviews, Legislature

February 2005


Minnesota's HE Vision, Negotiations, MN Online

January 2005


IFO/MnSCU Taskforces, Bonding Bill, HRA Accounts, Tuition Waiver Benefits

November 2004


Pay Increases, Open Enrollment, MnSVCU Budget

September 2004


Tentative Contract Agreement, Retirement Issues

May 2004


IFO President and President-Elect, Retirement, Insurance Lawsuit

March 2004


Special Presidential Edition

February 2004


IFO Presidential Candidates, Legislatives Updates, Delegate Assembly

January 2004



October 2003


Calendar, Contract, IMS

September 2003


Contract, Retirement, Legislative

April 2003


Legislative Update, Salary Review, Negotiations and Related Information

November 2002


Special Salary Provisions, Legislative Update, Grievance Procedures, Salary Equity

August 2002


Contract Changes, Retirement News, Legislative Session

January 2002


Budget Cuts, Negotiations, Delegate Assembly

October 2001


Strike, Salary Study, Retirement

August 2001


Higher Education Budget Approved

May 2001


Negotiations Update/ Year End Wrap Up

April 2001


Negotiations Update

September 2000


Retirement, Dues, Pension Plans