Master Agreement 2015-2017

Article 1:  Parties
Article 2:  Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination
Article 3:  Recognition
Article 4:  Academic Freedom
Article 5:  Definitions
Article 6:  Association Rights
Article 7:  Management Rights
Article 8:  Agreement Against Lockouts and Strikes
Article 9:  Personnel Files
Article 10:  Workload
Article 11:  Salaries
Article 12:  Overload Pay and Non-Instructional Activities
Article 13:  Summer Sessions
Article 14:  [Reserved]
Article 15:  Retirement
Article 16:  Severance Pay
Article 17:  Paid Leaves of Absence
Article 18:  Leaves Without Pay
Article 19:  Professional Improvement
Article 20:  Departments and Department Chairpersons
Article 21:  Appointment of Faculty
Article 22:  Professional Development and Evaluation
Article 23:  Retrenchment
Article 24:  Faculty Rights In Disciplinary and Investigative Action
Article 25:  Tenure, Promotions and Non-Renewal
Article 26:  Blank
Article 27:  General Provisions
Article 28:  Grievance Procedure
Article 29:  Seniority
Article 30:  Blank
Article 31:  Transfers
Article 32:  Savings Clause
Article 33:  Complete Agreement and Waiver
Article 34:  Duration
Appendix A:  Grievance Form - Part 1
Appendix B:  Academic Areas - State Universities
Appendix C:  LOU (regarding grievances)
Appendix D:  DOER (MMB) Definition of Same Sex Domestic Partner for Insurance Purposes
Appendix E:  Position Description for Department Chair
Appendix F:  1992 Arbitration Unit Clarification Order
Appendix G:  Guidelines for Evaluation
Appendix H:  LOU Early Separation Incentive
Appendix I:  Calculation of Years of Service (letter from Frank Controy)
Appendix J:  Letter of Understanding (regarding HRA)