Governor Dayton Signs Contract Ratification Bill.  From left to right:
Russ Stanton, IFO Director of Government Relations; Senator Chris Eaton,
Senate author; Brent Jeffers, IFO Chief Negotiator; Governor Mark Dayton;
Rep. Leon Lillie, House author; and Nancy Black, IFO President.

MOA to Continue 19A & 19B Funds for FY15

2011 - 2013 IFO MnSCU Agreement

2011-2013 IFO/MnSCU Agreement PDF Version

2011-2013 IFO/MnSCU Agreement By Article

Summary of Language Changes for the 2011-2013 IFO/MnSCU CBA

MOA To Continue 19A & 19B Funds For FY14

LOU for 2014 Health Coverage

LOU To Amend Art 11G re HRA Opt Out per ACA

Previous Contracts

2009-2011 IFO/MnSCU Agreement PDF Version

2007-2009 IFO/MnSCU Agreement

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Negotiating Team Roster

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